We just published a new crash course for our map design studio TileMill. This is the first in a series of new documentation we’re developing around last week’s release of TileMill 0.9.0. The crash course is aimed to help new TileMill users quickly start making custom maps, which is especially important with TileMill now available on Windows for the first time.

Our goal with the new TileMill documentation is to cover the entire map making process - from preparing the data to publishing a map online - in short, easy-to-follow tutorials. This is a hands-on introduction, walking through the four main steps for making beautiful interactive maps. In roughly 20 minutes, you will have created your first map in TileMill while touching upon the four critical aspects of a typical project.

Crash course for TileMill

Along with some introductory information about how to use and maximize making maps with TileMill, the crash course walks through:

  1. Importing a basic spreadsheet
  2. Styling a basic point map
  3. Adding tooltips and legends
  4. Exporting maps and sharing them on the web

Community support

If you have a question or problem that isn’t covered in the help documentation, or have other feedback, start a conversation with us in the support forum. For updates on new documentation and other news, watch the MapBox blog and follow us at @MapBox on Twitter .