The U.S. construction industry generates 37 million blueprints each year. 90% of contractors keep those blueprints on paper. Project Atlas turns blueprints into maps – ingesting thousands of drawings and work orders per project, converting them from building information modeling (BIM) and computer-aided design (CAD) formats to Mapbox vector tiles, and making them interactive with Mapbox GL JS.


Architects, supervisors, electricians, and inspectors use Project Atlas to zoom through entire buildings, toggle and interact with data layers, get alerts when plans change, tag items that need fixing, and notify workers when entering hazardous areas. The application helps eliminate the industry average 7% overhead for rework (aka do-overs) from unclear or changed blueprints.


In less than six months, the Project Atlas team used Mapbox open source code and online documentation to build an application that’s changing the way buildings get built. Drop a note to co-founders @vdcjoe and @Todd_Wynne to take it for a spin.

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