Foursquare Superusers can now edit OpenStreetMap directly from their moderation interface.

Foursquare has always benefited by collecting location information from users who have a passion for accurate information on their check ins. These users can now also improve OpenStreetMap simply by clicking an “edit” button on the map.

Edit button on Foursquare maps

Foursquare Superusers will find now an edit button on their maps.

The “edit” button will lead directly to OpenStreetMap’s web editor at the right location, ready to go. When clicked for the first time, it will lead to a page introducing the user to OpenStreetMap, explaining the basics and encouraging them to create an account and start mapping.

Foursquare's OpenStreetMap introduction page

Foursquare’s OpenStreetMap introduction page

As of today, this feature is available to all Foursquare Superusers in the UK, Australia, Germany, and Brazil - this is how you can become a Superuser.

Connecting Communities

This feature is a big step towards further connecting communities of map users to OpenStreetMap. This is particularly exciting in the case of Foursquare where a thriving power user community is already taking on big responsibilities in keeping Foursquare’s locations fresh. These are the same users that we saw roll up their sleeves and jump into OpenStreetMap soon after Foursquare switched over to the OpenStreetMap based MapBox Streets. It’s great to tap further into this energy and better build out the integration between Foursquare and OpenStreetMap. We are planning on making connecting communities to OpenStreetMap even easier, follow our OpenStreetMap Development Blog for more details.