Here’s a video preview of TileMill Connect, a new feature that allows you to instantly connect ArcGIS MXD documents to our open source map design studio TileMill. This is an upcoming feature in Arc2Earth Sync that will enable your ArcGIS document to be replicated exactly in a TileMill project, including all symbols, renderers, and labels. Once your project is in TileMill, you’ll have access to the advanced cartography controls of CartoCSS and the quick web publishing capabilities of your MapBox account.

Check it out at Screenr.

TileMill Connect is set to ship in the coming weeks as part of the latest Arc2Earth Sync, an incredible plugin that bridges your desktop ArcGIS tools to geospacial cloud services, including MapBox.

Adding Arc2Earth Sync to your existing ArcGIS toolset means you don’t need to learn a whole new toolset to publish beautiful maps on the web. ArcGIS remains a powerful part of the traditional map making workflow, providing the infrastructure for data collection, management, and analysis. With TileMill Connect, you can extend that workflow to include breakthrough map design and publishing from MapBox. To start publishing your ArcGIS maps online get Arc2Earth and sign up for Sync.