Meet us in Mexico City for Condatos, this year’s major Latin American Open Data conference bringing people from all over the continent together around building a better future with open data. We will be talking about open source mapping tools for totally custom data, drone mapping and making OpenStreetMap the best map in the world.

Look for Tom, Eric, Paul, and myself at one of the following events:

Drone mapping — Sep 30

We’ll be mapping part of a neighborhood in Mexico City, showing how drones can be used to rapidly generate imagery, publish it through Mapbox and use it for tracing in OpenStreetMap or other mapping platforms.

AbreLatam — Sep 30

We’ll be attending the regional open data unconference AbreLatAm to connect with the Latin American open data community.

ConDatos — Oct 1

This is the opening day of the conference, between these amazing talks hunt us down in the hallways for a chat.

ConDatos social — Oct 1

Let’s party and connect over drinks - details to be announced.

ConMapas — First Latin American OpenStreetMap day

If you make us pick, this is the part we’re most excited about. Conmapas is the first regional meeting of the Latin American OpenStreetMap community, bringing together community leaders, non profits and businesses to discuss the future of OpenStreetMap in LatinAmerica. Whether you’re already familiar with OpenStreetMap and talk about growing the project even bigger in Latin America or you’d like to learn more about the project - this is the place to be. Condatos is coming right at the time of amazing growth in the Latin American community and leading right up to the annual State of the Map taking place later this year in Buenos Aires.