Remember the app we built with IBM to help SXSW participants discover a personalized event feed? Register now for tomorrow’s webinar How IBM and Mapbox Put Open Data and Real-Time Recommendations On the Map to learn how you can make a cognitive spatial app yourself.

Our SXSW Cognitive Event Finder app enables users to quickly sift through thousands of events on their mobile phone, pairing what a user wants to do with great activities nearby. Using the power of the IBM platform with Mapbox, we built this app with only three part-time developers in the week leading up to SXSW. You can check out the code here.

On Tuesday, April 11 at 10am PT, I’ll join Raj Singh from IBM to show how you can combine IBM Cloudant, Watson Analytics, and Mapbox tools to build an interactive chat-bot app complete with context-aware maps and navigation.

App Gif

What ideas do you have for a cognitive location app with Watson and Mapbox? Drop us a line at