You can create a map within minutes using our online Editor or you can do much more advanced cartography with Mapbox Studio Classic. Here’s a comparison that should help you choose the right tool for the job:



Choose a map style in Editor.

Design a map style in Studio.

Drag and drop features in Editor.

Import data sources in Studio.

Change a feature's color in Editor.

Layer data on a map and style it in Studio.

Make a project with Editor.

Editor is perfect for making a simple, yet beautiful map in minutes. Ready to start building with Mapbox Editor? Try our guide Make your first map.

Design a map with Studio.

Studio is the ultimate design tool. Completely customize your map style and data. Get started in Studio with the Style and Source quickstart guides.

Once you’ve made your project or style, extend its functionality with our developer tools. Make it interactive with Mapbox.js, create a static map, or build a mobile app with our Android or iOS SDK.

If you’re not sure which tool is right for the job, drop us a note at