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map design

Designing maps for mobile devices

Building maps for mobile devices creates a unique challenge. Maps are complex systems that require...

map design

Designing Moonlight: A new custom map

Meet Moonlight, our latest designer style, ready to be used in your app or customized...

map design

Carto-cam, the map designer's quality-assurance tool

One of the biggest challenges of making a map in Studio is knowing if it...

map design

Designing live traffic

Our new traffic maps are live in our API! Take a look at the changes...

map design

What's your favorite place in the world?

The space that encircles the planet, through which biological life moves, is often more meaningful...

map design

Introducing the Mapbox Studio Manual

Whether you’ve built with Mapbox Studio before or you’re not sure where to start, the...

map design

Styling lanes in Mapbox Studio

Lanes are critical features on high resolution maps for automotive and mobility. You can use...

February 08 2017
map design

Creating storm cells out of weather data feeds

Storm cells indicate how powerful storms are and where they’re headed. Each cell is made...

map design

Visualize the USA's economic recovery with client-side data joins

The GIF above visualizes the unemployment rate for each county in the United States in...

January 20 2017
map design

Grilling! and other new Maki icons

A grilling icon for the 13,216 tags in OpenStreetMap where amenity=bbq. All part of our...

January 19 2017
map design

Ski maps for travel apps

I’m designing a new ski map in Studio; highlighting the elevation in the terrain, showing...

map design

Mapping wind barbs to show speed and direction

Wind barbs are ideal for visualizing wind patterns over a large area: they point in...

map design

Tidy data visualization with coastal clipped polygons

What’s wrong with this picture? For those less familiar with the geography of the midwestern...

January 10 2017
map design

Mapping the DC Metro

Transit maps done well are beautiful and functional visualizations of how people move through a...

December 20 2016
map design

Animated marine traffic in the San Francisco Bay

Though it may be easy to overlook from life on land, the waters of San...

December 19 2016
map design

Exploring NYC Open Data with 3D hexbins

We’re always looking for interesting data to explore with Mapbox tools, so when we found...

map design

Run the Catalina Eco Marathon in 3D

This past Saturday, ambitious runners took on the Catalina Eco Marathon, a race that loops...

map design

Style compatibility with Mapbox Studio

If you’ve seen us introduce 3D buildings and data-driven styles, you know that the Mapbox...

map design

Download your styles, icons, and fonts from Mapbox Studio

Ever need to tweak an SVG icon in your Mapbox Studio style, but you accidentally...

October 27 2016
map design

Track your jetlag with data-driven line-color

Mapbox GL JS now supports data-driven styling for line-color, making it even easier to create...

map design

Dive into large datasets with 3D shapes in Mapbox GL

Explore America’s population density down to the city block using this new visualization. We had...

map design

Shading and lighting 3D features in Mapbox GL JS

Last week we launched extrusion fill properties and light properties in Mapbox GL JS that...

October 17 2016
map design

3D features in Mapbox GL JS

Today we’re launching extrusions for Mapbox GL JS! Add custom, 3D visualizations to your maps...

map design

Building heights in Mapbox Streets

We’ve pushed an update to Mapbox Streets v7 vector tiles to add heights and subparts...

October 05 2016
map design

Designing a wildlife map in Mapbox Studio

Using the style editing tools in Mapbox Studio, I created a custom map style for...

map design

Mapping the Olympic refugee team's journeys

At Rio 2016, a team of refugee athletes competed for the first time in Olympic...

September 26 2016
map design

Create data from drone imagery

Mapbox Studio provides a powerful workflow of uploading and visualizing custom datasets. But what if...

September 08 2016
map design

Open data and traffic fatalities

Traffic fatalities in the U.S. jumped 7.2% to 35,092 last year, the sharpest increase in...

map design

Mapping U.S. wildfire data from public feeds

With the Mapbox Datasets API, you can create data-based maps that continuously update. As new...

August 29 2016
map design

Mapping historic Boston in the Mapbox Studio dataset editor

I recently created a historical map of Boston using the new Mapbox Studio dataset editor....

map design

Custom HTML markers in Mapbox GL JS

You can now add HTML markers to your GL maps in the latest release of...

August 08 2016
map design

Design a location-based game map with Mapbox Studio

A couple weeks ago I built a web map in the style of Pokemon Go,...

map design

Creating vector tiles from raster datasets

Climate models predict massive shifts in temperature and precipitation over the next 100+ years. These...

map design

The playful design of Pokémon Go maps

The team at Niantic, who built Pokémon Go, did amazing work. Pokémon brings augmented reality...

map design

Visualizing Eurovision Shazam tags with Mapbox GL

Last month, over 200 million viewers watched the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest. The annual musical...

map design

Retina support for ArcGIS Online

Mapbox Esri Connect supports Retina (@2x) tiles by default in ArcGIS Online. High resolution Retina...

June 27 2016
map design

Announcing Mapbox Esri Connect

Today Mapbox is launching Mapbox Esri Connect, a suite of tools designed to seamlessly connect...

map design

Applying data-driven style to remote data sources

GitHub, Dropbox, and Google Sheets make it easy to store and share data — but...

map design

Data-driven styling for live earthquake tracking

Using USGS earthquake data feed and Mapbox GL JS data-driven styling, we built a live...

June 08 2016
map design

Data-driven styling for fill layers in Mapbox GL JS

The latest Mapbox GL JS release (v0.19.0) includes data-driven styling support for fill-color and fill-outline-color....

map design

Optimizing Mapbox Light and Dark colors for mobile

Mapbox Light and Dark We recently updated Mapbox Light and Dark, our maps for data...

map design

Creating custom POI layers in Studio

In Mapbox Studio you can replace the default source layer of POI data provided by...

map design

Mapbox Satellite Streets redesigned for mobile

Redesigned to complement our constantly improving Satellite and Streets data, we optimized Mapbox Satellite Streets...

map design

Designing Mapbox Streets and Outdoors for mobile

We recently updated Mapbox Streets and Mapbox Outdoors, our two general use maps. While they’re...

map design

Mapbox Outdoors redesign

Last week we launched a redesign of Mapbox Outdoors, our general use map tailored for...

map design

Mapbox Light and Dark redesign

We released new Mapbox Light and Dark maps last week as a part of our...

map design

Mapbox Satellite Streets redesigned

Last week’s launch of our redesigned maps included a fresh revamp of Mapbox Satellite Streets....

map design

The end of CartoCSS

This begins with a short story, you can skip to the demo if you want....

May 13 2016
map design

Whiskey distilleries by state with the Mapbox Studio dataset editor

Recently I’ve been working to understand the number of whiskey distilleries in the United States....

map design

Mapbox Streets redesign

This week we launched a redesign of all our maps across all our Mapbox GL...

map design

Updated terrain in Mapbox Outdoors

This week we launched our redesigned maps and announced that our streets and terrain data...

map design

Introducing data-driven styling in Mapbox GL JS

Today we’re introducing data-driven styling capabilities in Mapbox GL JS with property functions. Property functions...

map design

Create custom map icon sets with the Maki icon editor

The latest version of the Maki comes with an icon set editor for customizing and...

map design

Introducing Maki 3

We just released a new version of Maki, our open source map icon set. Maki...

map design

Mapbox Outdoors redesign

Apps for outdoor activities should have maps designed for outdoor activities. Our completely redesigned Mapbox...

map design

Use Studio styles in Tableau, ArcGIS, and CartoDB

You can now use map styles designed with Mapbox Studio in spatial analysis tools including...

map design

Visualizing Ecuador's earthquake with Studio

In the aftermath of one of the strongest earthquakes in Ecuador’s history, I’ve been using...

map design

Mapbox Light refresh

Mapbox Light (and Dark) work best as underlays that complement visualizations of all sorts. However,...

map design

Designing perspective maps in Studio

Here are three tips for designing perspective maps in Studio. Press Shift ↑ and Shift...

map design

Maps for tracking mileage with MileIQ

Our friends at MileIQ recently launched custom maps to help their users quickly identify their...

map design

Improved label placement in Mapbox Studio

We’ve added automatic source compositing to Mapbox Studio for improved label placement. Compositing lets you...

map design

Dive deeper into isodistances

Whether you are preparing for a marathon, renting an electric scooter on vacation, or driving...

map design

Announcing image export for Mapbox Studio

The maps you create in Mapbox Studio shine when they’re integrated into apps and websites...

map design

Learning from print maps

I like looking at print maps because they remind me how far web map design...

map design

Women in space

As of today, 59 women have been to space. In honor of International Women’s Day,...

map design

Go the distance with isodistances

When looking at a map, drawing a line between point A and point B, or...

map design

Introducing Mapbox Streets v7

Mapbox Streets v7 is now available in Mapbox Studio. Based on OpenStreetMap, Mapbox Streets provides...

map design

Tableau announces integration for Studio

The next release of Tableau will have full custom map design integration. Just click to...

map design

Mapping public transit in Bangalore

Buses are Bangalore’s most popular mode of transport. The Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC), one...

map design

Create landmark-focused, travel maps with Mapbox Streets

Scenic beauty, cultural heritage, artistic and culinary diversity – what’s not to enjoy when planning...

map design

Use your Mapbox Studio styles everywhere

Mapbox now supports older browsers like Internet Explorer 9 and the styles you create in...

February 08 2016
map design

Drag and drop assets in Mapbox Studio

Drag and drop is now supported in Mapbox Studio. You can drag and drop data,...

February 03 2016
map design

Compare styles added to Mapbox Studio

Check out the new compare view inside Mapbox Studio's debug panel. Use it to ensure...

map design

Better navigation with new road classifications in Mapbox Streets

Soon you’ll be able to highlight the road features most relevant to your map style...

map design

Whoops, where'd my label go?

With Mapbox Studio, it’s easy to make a map with labels on top. It’s a...

map design

Labels on top

Ever gone through crazy cartographic contortions to keep your labels from being buried? Transparency, offsets,...

map design

Mapping winter storm Jonas

The first flakes of winter storm Jonas are just beginning to fall at the Mapbox...

map design

A glimpse of the Mapbox Studio dataset editor

With Mapbox Studio, you can create and design beautiful, custom maps to your exact specifications....

map design

Designing the Swiss Ski style in Mapbox Studio

Swiss maps have long been praised for their accuracy, quality, and beauty. Since 1938 the...

map design

Mapping UK flooding in Tableau

Update: Visit for details on our Tableau maps integration. The United Kingdom just experienced...

map design

Designing the whaam! style in Mapbox Studio

Inspired by a Roy Lichtenstein original at the Walker Art Center, I decided to design...

map design

Designing the Vintage style in Mapbox Studio

What makes a vintage map look “vintage”? Printing imperfections, discolored paper, and antiquated label names...

map design

Introducing the Mapbox Studio gallery

Our new Mapbox Studio gallery showcases the very best of map design for web and...

map design

Introducing Mapbox Studio

Today we're inviting everyone with a Mapbox account to create amazing cartography and advanced visualizations...

November 18 2015
map design

Strava satellite maps

Strava athletes can now see their outdoor activities on satellite maps with beautiful, high-resolution imagery,...

map design

Designing the Blueprint style in Mapbox Studio

Last summer, inspired by some blueprint schematics of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D I got for...

map design

Strava maps for runners and cyclists

Say hello to Strava’s new maps for runners and cyclists. Strava’s mobile app and website...

map design

Animated atmospheric water

I just mapped NOAA GFS precipitable water data, using a video directly in the map....

map design

Hurricane Patricia

Around 6pm local time yesterday, Hurricane Patricia made landfall about 85km (50 miles) northwest of...

map design

Behind the MapQuest map

Starting today, Mapbox is powering maps for 42 million MapQuest users. Here are some of...

October 20 2015
map design

Tableau + Mapbox integration

Update: Visit for details on our Tableau maps integration. This week Tableau announces full...

map design

Visual undo & redo in Mapbox Studio

Mapbox Studio has a visual way to undo and redo the changes you’ve made. This...

map design

Help us design the future graphic language for mapmakers

We’re looking for someone passionate about symbolization and icon design to join the Mapbox map...

October 13 2015
map design

How to design complex styles with Mapbox Studio

Detailed, sophisticated maps like Emerald consist of many interrelated layers. There are 16 different types...

October 01 2015
map design

Mapping Arctic sea ice in a polar projection

Arctic sea ice changes throughout the year, from winter maximums to summer minimums, but is...

map design

Find anything with universal search in Mapbox Studio

Mapbox Studio now has universal search, making it fast for designers to find anything they...

September 25 2015
map design

Help design the future of maps

Mapbox is expanding its design team! We are looking for a designer to help create...

September 04 2015
map design

What's in a Mapbox Studio style?

Mapbox Studio styles are a lot more than meets the eye. Under the hood, every...

September 02 2015
map design

Experiments in simulating colorblindness

As a colorblind person who specializes in making maps for data visualization, I was inspired...

August 28 2015
map design

Sneak peek: Selecting features with the new Mapbox Studio

Maps are composed of carefully selected and simplified data: the maker’s challenge is to include...

August 25 2015
map design

Introducing a totally visual interface for map design

The next release of our map design and data visualization tool, Mapbox Studio, will do...

map design

Map of Middle Earth with Mapbox Studio Classic

We recently attempted to recreate the Lord of the Rings map of Middle Earth using...

map design

Creating rainbow borders with Mapbox Studio Classic

In celebration of today’s historic SCOTUS ruling on same-sex marriage, let’s use Mapbox Studio Classic...

map design

MapTab: A Chrome extension for viewing beautiful maps

I open new browser tabs every few minutes and didn’t want to look at a...

May 12 2015
map design

Introducing Emerald for GL

We've brought the Emerald basemap to GL. Some highlights: Interactive map Deep road hierarchy Not...

May 06 2015
map design

Print maps for Nepal

To aid post-earthquake relief efforts in Nepal, we have created a print-friendly OpenStreetMap based map...

map design

Linking the most interesting places in the world

The Geotaggers’ World Atlas is my long-term project to discover the world’s most interesting places...

map design

Mapbox Streets for GL

Meet the all-new Mapbox Streets: a multi-purpose global basemap designed from the ground up for...

map design

Turbo X-Ray Mode

The next generation of our map editor takes advantage of Mapbox GL to look inside...

April 22 2015
map design

Mapbox Light and Dark for GL

Two of our favorite basic styles are Mapbox Light and Dark. Designed to be underlays,...

April 13 2015
map design

Maps in your language using Mapbox Studio Classic and OpenStreetMap

OpenStreetMap allows any map feature to have a name for labeling points, streets and areas...

March 18 2015
map design

Traditional trail design with AllTrails

With more than 50,000 trails, guides you to the perfect spot to hike, bike,...

map design

Mapbox Mars

We're launching two new maps of Mars with the latest data from NASA & ESA:...

March 10 2015
map design

Atmospheric river

View full screen map A moisture-laden atmospheric river is aimed at the Pacific Coast and...

map design

Mapping wind gusts

A ridge of high pressure moves north along the eastern seaboard of North America. Along...

map design

Make a snowfall map

On the East Coast we’re all suffering from dry skin, a lack of Vitamin D,...

map design

Massive data in Mapbox Studio Classic with PostGIS + SQL

Making maps with massive datasets can get complex, so I wrote a manual on how...

map design

From fast styles to advanced cartography

You can create a map within minutes using our online Editor or you can do...

January 26 2015
map design

Australia terrain update

Our terrain in Australia and throughout Oceania is now 200% more detailed. Uluru / Ayers...

map design

Asia terrain update

Our terrain across Asia has tripled in detail as we continue to improve our data...

map design

NOAA doubles the spatial resolution of the Global Forecast System

Tropical storm Bansi, as it appeared last night, pulling warm water from rainforests of Madagascar,...

map design

Beautiful map styles for Editor

We’ve made an exciting update to Mapbox Editor: Editor now comes with the same set...

January 14 2015
map design

South America terrain update

Our terrain in South America is now 3x more detailed. Machu Picchu, Peru. 15th-century Inca...

map design

Africa terrain update

Our terrain across Africa now has 200% more detail. Virunga Mountains, DR Congo (SRTM 90m...

map design

Space Station style ready for lift-off

Earlier this year, Eleanor Lutz designed the stunning map style Space Station. We’re happy to...

December 23 2014
map design

Using Github for your map design workflow

This week we open sourced two gorgeous Studio styles: Emerald and Winter Wonderland. I decided...

map design

Ski maps

The Winter Wonderland style is now updated with the new terrain data released last week....

map design

Styling maps for transportation

London We've open-sourced a new map style, Emerald, that you can download and edit in...

map design

Terrain in Mapbox Studio Classic

Yesterday’s huge update to Mapbox Terrain all plugs into Mapbox Studio Classic. First thing you’ll...

map design

Mapbox terrain data update

We just pushed a huge data update to Mapbox Outdoors, increasing terrain resolution across nearly...

map design

Improved code search in Mapbox Studio Classic

The latest version of Mapbox Studio Classic comes with a range of small UI improvements,...

map design

Every feature as a dot, down to street level

I visualized every feature, down to street level, with dots: Europe See the full map...

map design

Rand McNally: a new map and a peek into the design process

Rand McNally just rolled out a beautiful new map that makes the atlas that you...

November 21 2014
map design

Designing a Super Mario map with Mapbox Studio Classic

To capture my love for 8-bit art, I designed a Super Mario themed map! The...

map design

Custom font support added to Mapbox Studio Classic

We’re excited to announce that custom fonts are now supported in Mapbox Studio Classic map...

November 19 2014
map design

Happy Halloween from Mapbox

Happy Halloween from the folks at Mapbox! To commemorate the holiday, I whipped up this...

map design

Dark Sky Weather Data

Earlier this week I imported satellite weather data into Mapbox Studio Classic, making snapshots of...

map design

Mapping your moves (with Mapbox Studio Classic!)

Here are two years of my walks, runs, and bike rides loaded into Mapbox Studio...

map design

Color picker comes to Mapbox Studio Classic

It’s now easier to experiment with colors in Mapbox Studio Classic. Click on a swatch...

map design

Web to canvas print: resolution independence with Mapbox Studio Classic

Mapbox Studio Classic’s print export tool makes it possible to create high-resolution prints of any...

map design

Designing a pencil-drawn style in Mapbox Studio Classic

Pencil is one of the 12 example styles included with Mapbox Studio Classic, providing a...

map design

Winter wonderland

Summer is officially over and we’re ready to get outside in the upcoming season with...

map design

Design control with regular expressions in Mapbox Studio Classic

With Mapbox Studio Classic, it’s straightforward to apply styles to every building, park, or road...

map design

High resolution prints from Mapbox Studio Classic

With vector tiles, Mapbox Studio Classic maps are print ready. The resolution independence of vector...

map design

Transit metrics dashboard

Smartphone-to-car startup Automatic just went live with an analytics dashboard. Automatic is making driving safer...

September 05 2014
map design

Explore National Parks offline with Chimani and Mapbox Outdoors

Chimani recently launched with Mapbox Outdoors to give hikers detailed trail and elevation data for...

map design

Print maps: Tall stuff visible from Boulder, Colorado

Here’s a typical example of what the horizon might look like across an intersection or...

July 08 2014
map design

FontFont and Mapbox Studio Classic

Here is a little preview of some of the new fonts from our friends at...

map design

Detailed terrain maps for athletes

Endurance athletes can now see where they’ll be hurting the most as they haul up...

map design

1.5 Million Walks, Runs, and Bike Rides

This is what 1.5 million walks, runs, and bike rides look like. The colors of...

map design launches just launched, giving hikers step by step trail descriptions and tools for planing trips...

map design

Temperature and terrain cartography

Our new vector tile compositing technology opens possibilities for streaming data into maps. This week...

map design

Alternative Terrain Visualization

We have been working on creating striking visualizations of terrain, including most recently, Mapbox Outdoors....

map design

Earthquake ShakeMap design

Peak ground velocity for the 7.5-magnitude earthquake in Guerrero, Mexico in April.

map design

Mapping your moves

Moves, acquired by Facebook this morning, automatically records any walking, cycling, and running you do...

map design

Secure Maps for Lookout

Lookout, the leader in mobile security, has switched to Mapbox. Trusted for security by over...

April 24 2014
map design

TileMill adds support for Esri FileGDB format

TileMill now supports reading vector features directly from the proprietary Esri File Geodatabase (FileGDB) format....

April 16 2014
map design

Designing a Map for the Outdoors From the Ground Up

The new Mapbox Outdoors is all about bringing the background forward. Hill shades orient runners,...

map design

Introducing Mapbox Outdoors

Mapbox Outdoors is a beautiful new map made for hiking, running, cycling, skiing, and exploring....

map design

Zeit Online Launches Custom Maps

Zeit Online, the digital sister publication of Germany’s most widely read weekly paper launched new...

April 02 2014
map design

VSCO: brand considerations and map design

VSCO, makers of tools for creating beautiful photographs, launched a completely custom branded map to...

map design

Pinterest Soups Up with Marker Clustering

It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of Pinterest and their push to build a...

map design

Space Station Earth

I’m a big fan of science fiction and computer games, so I couldn’t resist making...

map design

Randomness in map design

I introduced an element of randomness into a recent map design. Misplaced buildings and overlapping...

map design

Hyper-styled terrain

Our Vector Terrain layer is close and we’re having some fun with it in TileMill...

map design

Foursquare: maps designed for functionality

Foursquare users will notice a cool web update today: beautiful new maps, using a totally...

map design

Your neighborhood as a woodcut

A week ago I posted screenshots of a woodcut inspired map I made. A lot...

January 23 2014
map design

Mozilla Location Services Coverage Map

Mozilla just published a new map showing the growing coverage of Mozilla Location Services. Mozilla...

January 10 2014
map design

A woodcut inspired map for city streets

I made a woodcut-inspired, textured map to showcase the complexity of urban streets. The map...

January 08 2014
map design

Mapping the future

We’ve been thinking about the future of mapping in our solar system and beyond. We...

December 17 2013
map design

Ski Maps

Vail, Colorado is home to the largest ski resort in the United States. Ski trails...

December 04 2013
map design

Mozilla's Custom Branded Maps

Mozilla’s flagship web site just relaunched including new custom maps. The maps use Mozilla’s...

November 27 2013
map design

Mapping a golf course

It’s fast to add a golf course to a map by tracing satellite imagery —...

map design

Golf course maps

We’re working on a new golf course style in our vector terrain map for outdoor...

November 22 2013
map design

Mark your map with new Maki icons

We’ve rolled out over a dozen new highly-requested Maki icons – our open source point-of-interest...

November 14 2013
map design

Dynamic hill shading in the browser

What if the map on your iPhone was responsive, changing the shadows based on the...

map design

Designing a Vector Terrain Map for Outdoor Apps

We are starting a major update to MapBox Terrain. We are designing this specifically for...

map design

Visualizing Building Age in the Netherlands

All 9,866,539 buildings in the Netherlands were mapped and shaded according to their year of...

September 11 2013
map design

Financial Times Goes MapBox: Design Matters

The Financial Times’ signature pink brand can now be found in its maps too. They...

August 02 2013
map design

Making Maki Even Better

Maki, our open-source point-of-interest icon project, has gone through some exciting changes recently.

July 23 2013
map design

Portland: The Age of a City

Start with simple data: 619,000 building footprints, 544,033 of them including the year that they...

July 14 2013
map design

TileMill Seamless Blur

Experimenting with the new ability in TileMill to seamlessly blur geometries – coming soon in...

June 28 2013
map design

Inkscape and MapBox for Interactive, Illustrated maps

We recently relaunched the MapBox product tour, and part of that redesign includes a custom...

May 17 2013
map design

Vector Tiles Preview: Designing the World with TileMill2

A peek over AJ’s shoulder while he uses an early internal preview of TileMill 2,...

map design

MapBox Streets in Español + Français

MapBox Streets is now also available in Spanish and French, in addition to English and...

map design

Create Heatmaps Using New Colorize-Alpha Image Filter

If you search the internet for ‘alpha to color’ you get lots of results describing...

April 19 2013
map design

Design Weather Maps

We’re playing around with personalized weather maps – taking raw weather data and making our...

map design

Points of Interest Layering Techniques for MapBox

Layering multiple datasets on top of a map can add noise, but if you extract...

March 22 2013
map design

Expanding TileMill's Building Symbolizer to Visualize Complex 3d Structures

TileMill’s ability to map 3D complex structures continues to improve. This is a quick post...

February 18 2013
map design

Innovative Map-powered Designs

Designers and developers have been pushing the boundaries of how MapBox is used in websites...

February 02 2013
map design

Richer Customization with MapBox Custom Styles

We’ve just relaunched one of MapBox’s most powerful features: custom styles for MapBox Streets. The...

January 24 2013
map design

Server Stats from Sandy

Our maps are critical to our users and to the wider public. They were especially...

October 31 2012
map design

Learn CartoCSS and Compositing by Customizing Geography Class

TileMill ships with several example projects to give you ideas about how it can be...

October 25 2012
map design

Updated MapBox Streets Terrain Layer

We just rolled out an update to the MapBox Streets Terrain Layer that adds landcover...

August 28 2012
map design

MapBox Streets Design Update

We just completed a major design update to MapBox Streets, our customizable basemap built on...

August 09 2012
map design

Terrain Layer for MapBox Streets Now Available

MapBox Streets now has a terrain map for the entire world, letting you turn any...

map design

Global Terrain Coming Soon to MapBox Streets

We are designing a new feature for MapBox Streets - terrain visualization with global coverage....

map design

Sketchy Maps with Geometry Smoothing

Recently I posted about how I’ve been experimenting with new Mapnik features in TileMill. This...

June 18 2012
map design

TileMill Feature Preview: Compositing Operations

Artem and Dane have been hard at work on some fantastic new developments in Mapnik,...

May 22 2012
map design

New Map Site Templates

After you’ve designed your custom styles for MapBox Streets and have some data overlays, whether...

May 17 2012
map design

Improved British Rail Network Icons in MapBox Streets

Today we’ve launched the first step in our efforts to improve transportation symbology in MapBox...

map design

TileMill 0.9.1 Released

We just released TileMill 0.9.1, which adds support for PostGIS 2.0, runs on the latest...

May 08 2012
map design

Letter-Spacing in a Multilingual World

On Wednesday at the FOSS4G North America conference here in Washington, DC I spoke about...

April 13 2012
map design

Custom Styles for MapBox Streets

We just launched custom styles for our MapBox Streets world base map at the O’Reilly...

April 03 2012
map design

Experiments in the 3rd Dimension

The good folks at Sanborn were kind enough to send us a sample extract of...

March 22 2012
map design

Design and Data Updates for MapBox Streets Down to Zoom Level 17

We’ve rolled out new updates for MapBox Streets, our colorful OpenStreetMap-based world map. The underlying...

March 19 2012
map design

Introducing Maki 2.0: Clean Open Source Map Icons

Maki is a simple and clean set of ‘point of interest’ icons licensed under BSD...

February 16 2012
map design

Create a custom map of your city in 30 minutes with TileMill and OpenStreetMap

With our OSM Bright template and a local extract of OpenStreetMap data, you can design...

February 08 2012
map design

Using MapBox Light in Your Web Application

This week we launched a preview of MapBox Light, our first global OpenStreetMap-based map. We’re...

January 29 2012
map design

Announcing MapBox Light: A Global Base Map Alternative

We just launched, a preview of our new global base map MapBox Light with...

January 24 2012
map design

Designing a Minimalist OpenStreetMap Baselayer for MapBox

I am designing a new minimal OpenStreetMap base map in TileMill to use with MapBox...

January 17 2012
map design

How To Add Images to Maps with TileMill's SVG Support

Image support in TileMill, our open source map design tool, allows you to add custom...

November 25 2011
map design

New Multilingual Modular Layers from MapBox

Continuing with our effort to provide more options for mapmakers to take advantage of MapBox’s...

July 13 2011
map design

New Carto Stylesheet on GitHub: OpenStreets

We’ve just uploaded a new Carto stylesheet to GitHub - Open Streets. The style is...

June 24 2011
map design

New Terrain Baselayer Maps Available on MapBox

We've added eight new public baselayer maps to based on popular raster datasets. Our...

map design

Stylizing Dots on a Map to Tell Better Stories

I just posted a step-by-step tutorial on that shows how fast you can generate...

May 05 2011
map design

World Maps Update: New Designs and Data at

This week we released updated designs of all the tilesets in our 'World' series available...

April 28 2011