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Yesterday an outbreak of tornadoes throughout central United States damaged many communities. That night Mapbox and MaptimeOKC sprang to action and mapped the heavily damaged area around Bridge Creek, Oklahoma.

Tornado-impacted area southwest of Oklahoma City. Edits to OpenStreetMap highlighted.

The Bridge Creek area is sparsely populated and many homes are at the end of long driveways making them hard to see from the road. To take full account of the area’s population we mapped homes, roads, driveways and infrastructure. In the 12 hours after the storm, we added 2,953 buildings across hundreds of square miles to the map.

Since OpenStreetMap updates in real time, the features we mapped immediately became available to responders who use OpenStreetMap such as the Grady County Emergency Management. You can use these maps directly from OpenStreetMap, print them from Fieldpapers or through your Mapbox account.

Join us at Maptime Oklahoma City. We’re organizing mapping of the tornado-affected areas. You can also help remotely by tracing buildings in Wednesday’s impact zone.