As seen on CNN, Time, Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, LA Times, Huffington Post, InformationWeek, Jimmy Fallon’s monologue, and seemingly everywhere else, Cloak, the new iPhone app for the anti-social networker in all of us, just launched. Cloak ties into Foursquare, Instagram, and other social networking accounts to help you avoid certain people at certain times, all on a map.

We love the branding: Radar green

Cloak is your radar for avoiding undesirable real-world interactions in an age of social media saturation. Dating to the Second World War, radar displays have long featured green to display their output. Like the original cathode ray tube on which they were based, radar technologies made use of the phosphorescent properties of their component materials. The glass screen of CRTs was frequently back-coated with phosphors, and since those which caused a green coloring had the longest color persistence before fadeoff, they became the favorite amongst radar operators for seeing objects on the display longer than just the radar signal-synced sweep of the oscilloscope voltage across the screen.

It’s subtle map design details like this that we love seeing developers use to make their apps super tight. Go download the app now.