Bloomberg New Energy Finance relaunched their Energy Asset maps to visualize everything from power plant capacity to distribution of gas pipelines and biofuel production. The map starts with macro, country-level aggregates and then lets you quickly drill down all the way to street level to see the individual power plants and the exact location of critical assets.

Bloomberg New Energy Finance is a paid service. The background map and JavaScript API libraries are loaded from the Mapbox cloud and the data displayed on top of the map is served up securely from Bloomberg and assembled into one seamless experience in the browser.

The Energy Asset maps in the Bloomberg’s New Energy Finance service use Mapbox.js and Mapbox Streets powered by OpenStreetMap.

Using Mapbox.js with the Leaflet Marker Cluster plugin, the map reveals more information as you zoom in. Any Leaflet plugin works with Mapbox.js — Marker Cluster is one of the plugins that you can load conveniently from Mapbox servers.

Drilling down on wind versus hydro versus nuclear power with Bloomberg New Energy Finance maps.