All full-country imagery mosaics from BlackBridge can now plug into Atlas Server. You can be serving your BlackBridge imagery of an entire country from your private cloud or on-premise in a matter of minutes. The imagery from BlackBridge is gorgeous: five meter resolution, seamless, cloudless, ready off-the-shelf for 20+ countries.

Here are some shots of BlackBridge’s 924,000 square kilometer Nigeria mosaic served from Atlas Server running on my Macbook:

The Gurara Dam project in central Nigeria generates 30 megawatts of electricity and pipes 13 cubic meters per second of fresh water through a 75 kilometer pipeline to Abuja.

In addition to serving imagery, Atlas Server comes loaded with worldwide street and terrain maps. Combine them to overlay place names and the world’s road network on top of your imagery.

Downtown Abuja, with a view of the National Assembly, National Stadium, and Aso Rock.

Beyond base maps, Atlas Server is a platform that enables business to integrate their data into custom maps and applications. Atlas Server ships with a self-contained version of Mapbox.js, the same API that powers, and Turf, the future of GIS. You and your users can use dozens of plugins to make heat maps, cluster dense data, swipe between before/after imagery, and annotate your imagery. The API also plugs into our open source iOS and Android SDKs so that you can power private mobile apps with your imagery.

The Niger River Delta, where 31 cubic kilometers of the Niger River’s flow are lost annually to seepage and evaporation before before the river drains into the Gulf of Guinea.

Want to bring Atlas Server and BlackBridge imagery to your your cloud or local network? Hit me up on Twitter @mtirwin or email