The March NodeDC meetup is tonight at 7:00 pm at Stetson’s Bar and Grill. There will be two presentations, both on visualizing large data sets using node.js.

Tom will talk about big data processing and visualization with node.js, and specifically on solving the problem of analyzing road density data with redis, d3, sqlite, and polymaps. As part of our improvements to OpenStreetMap, we’ve been doing intense analysis of the data that we have and what we’re missing - this talk will review the problems of missing data and fundamentals of processing like binning and prototyping. Check out his slides for a preview.

Then Kyle Hill will talk about visualizing Capital Bikeshare data as a scoreboard for the fastest point-to-point trips in the systsm using the Persevere API.

The NodeDC meetup is open to anyone interested in node.js and is a great opportunity to hear what folks are doing with node. The group meets once a month, usually on the third Monday of the month. Watch, join the meetup group, or follow @nodedc on Twitter for updates.