We’re in Beijing this week for the AWS Summit Beijing! On Thursday, I’ll give a keynote about how we serve fast maps in China, where the Mapbox API has gotten eight times faster since launching in the AWS Beijing region. I’ll also dive into the ways we’re using AWS to better serve Chinese users traveling abroad, and how this all ties into our global infrastructure.

Watch all the AWS Summit Beijing keynotes live and reach out to Karen, Xinnong, and me to talk more about this and our growing team in Shanghai. We’ll be at the conference both days and can be found on WeChat at KarenZZ123, xy13311884820, and willwhitedc if you’d like to meet up.

这周我们在北京参加AWS技术峰会!这周四,我会发表主题演讲,讲述我们如何在中国提供高速地图,Mapbox API 如何在AWS北京上线后提速8倍。我也会和大家探讨我们如何运用AWS来更好服务中国人出国旅游,以及如何联结我们的全球架构

观看AWS北京峰会视频直播演讲联系Karen张Xinnong杨, 或者我和我们上海快速发展的团队。我们这二天都会在会场,也欢迎加我们微信KarenZZ123, xy13311884820, and willwhitedc。