We will be in Las Vegas next week for AWS re:Invent, the first worldwide conference for Amazon Web Services. AWS helps us scale, serve maps fast, and maintain incredible uptime, so we’re looking forward to crossing paths and trading knowledge with other people on the platform. We’re excited to talk about the challenges around delivering maps to the massive audiences on sites like USA Today, foursquare, Evernote, and NPR.

Reach out to @MapBox or @willwhitedc if you want to meet up.

Jeff will present “Is My CDN Performing?” on Thursday at 3pm, sharing our experience using the CloudFront CDN for distributing map content and talking about techniques we have for measuring its performance. He will be joined by Nathan Dye, Software Development Manager for Amazon CloudFront. The session code is MED301.

From the session guide:

This presentation provides practical guidance using external agent-based measurements and real user monitoring techniques. We review common content delivery network (CDN) architectures and how they relate to performance measurement. Finally, we walk through real-world CDN performance monitoring implementations used by MapBox, Amazon.com, and Amazon CloudFront.

Photo credit: Las Vegas by Andy Morales.