Mapbox Atlas Server is now packaged as an AMI to run on your private AWS infrastructure, which means you can serve maps from your AWS account with a few clicks in a matter of minutes.

A single command to spin up your own Atlas Server

Atlas on AWS includes worldwide streets and terrain maps as well as our Cloudless Atlas for satellite imagery. Atlas Server is pluggable, so you can add your own private vector and raster data and integrate with your existing PostGIS or Esri data workflows. You can also add your own data from Mapbox Studio Classic.

This super fast map server is the base for building your apps. Atlas ships with a self-contained version of Mapbox.js and Turf, the same API powering This means you can use the dozens of plugins to make heat maps, cluster dense data, swipe between before and after imagery, animate markers and customize everything. The API also plugs into our open source iOS and Android SDKs, letting you power private mobile apps.

You can try out a a 45-day trial of Atlas on AWS – just drop us a line at