Atlas Server can handle massive raster datasets – from commercial satellite scenes to drone imagery to a globe’s worth of navigational charts – whether it’s running on your private servers, your cloud infrastructure, or entirely offline.

Here’s an example of raster navigational charts from NOAA layered over Mapbox Satellite:

Mariners rely on NOAA’s depth sounding, tide, buoy, and shipping lane data to navigate the Chesapeake Bay’s shallow waters

And here are two decades of USGS high-resolution orthophotos of the Las Vegas CityCenter development:

The $9.2 billion CityCenter complex began as a golf course

In both examples, Atlas Server is running offline on my Macbook Air. Atlas Server’s Node.js architecture and our lightweight, open source mbtiles specification keep your rasters super fast.

Atlas Server comes loaded with worldwide satellite imagery to zoom level 12 – including our full Cloudless Atlas – to complement your data. And it’s all accessible via private versions of our Mapbox.js API and Turf JavaScript library for interactive maps and GIS processing.

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