It’s now even easier to publish maps from ArcMap to your MapBox account to take advantage of the design features, speed, and publishing tools that MapBox offers, thanks to the latest Arc2Earth update. Before this was limited to individual Arc2Earth Sync tables, but now you can publish any map you have in ArcMap directly to MapBox from the main ArcMap UI. Here is a quick video walkthrough of the new functionality.


Screencast from Brian Flood on MapBox on Vimeo.

Uploading directly to MapBox from ArcMap offers full fidelity for everything in your ArcMap project including labeling, rasters, TINs/Lidar, and more. This compliments TileMill Connect, which exports ArcMap projects to TileMill allowing you to take advantage of the advanced cartography and beautiful rendering it provides.

A future version of Arc2Earth will introduce a MapBox toolbar in ArcMap that gives users quick options for both direct MapBox publishing and TileMill export. Learn more about MapBox for GIS and stay tuned by following @Arc2Earth and @MapBox.