We are kicking off the first day of the ESRI International User Conference with a quick walk through of how Esri and MapBox can work together to design beautiful maps. Here is a step by step look at how to export your data in ArcGIS Online directly into TileMill, our open source map design studio, to then quickly publish it in the cloud.

Say you have uploaded a sample of a crime data from GeoCommons into your ArcGIS Online account.

You now just need to be able to export the data out to TileMill in an open format like CSV, Shapefile, or one of the many other supported formats. At first the export functionality is a bit hidden:

Styling in TileMill

Now that you’ve brought your data out of ArcGIS Online, styling it is simple in TileMill.

And you can directly export your map to the MapBox cloud.


(Note: This tutorial requires the hosted feature service for ArcGIS Online, which in turn requires your account to be a paying part of an organization. With the free personal accounts, you can upload up to two gigabytes of data into ESRI’s service but you can only download files exactly as you upload them.)