By building the MapBox cloud on the open MBTiles format, anyone can create map tiles. For ArcGIS users, Arc2Earth gives users the option of using Arc2Earth Desktop to design their own maps and makes exporting them to platforms like MapBox easy.

Image from Arc2Earth

While we are seeing more custom maps on MapBox published by subscribers using Arc2Earth, exporting to MBTiles doesn’t just mean MapBox - there’s a wide range of applications that support the standard, from servers to mobile apps.

The open standards-based web needs support from third parties. Services like Arc2Earth Sync helps bridge your local ArcGIS data, with other open tools, like CartoBD. Arc2Earth can also have a costs savings compared to export extensions for ArcGIS.

For other Esri users looking to learn more about MapBox integration, read yesterday’s post on moving data from your ArcGIS Online directly into TileMill.