We’ve launched the Analytics API, an API that Premium and Enterprise customers can use to programmatically check Mapbox usage. You can request usage by account as a whole or, if you’re using multiple API access tokens, by individual token.


Fetching my usage data and quickly plotting my map views for the last 4 months

You’ll always be able to access your usage details within your Mapbox account, but this new API allows you to bring your usage data into other applications. Build custom reports, send usage data to your customers in invoices, or build alerts based on your own internal targets.

We’d love to hear from you on what you’d like to see in the API, from additional details on map usage to mobile SDK usage and analytics. Have something you want to see added to the Analytics API? Hit me up on Twitter!

Sign up for a Premium account to start using the Analytics API today or email our sales team to learn about Enterprise.