Today the drone imagery processing software Pix4D rolled out full integration with Mapbox, making it possible to upload imagery from Pix4DMapper to in one step. Collect your aerial imagery with the flying platform of your choice, process images locally with Pix4D, and upload to Mapbox directly from within Pix4D. Once your imagery is on Mapbox, you can layer it with Mapbox Streets and Mapbox Satellite to provide context and use the Mapbox APIs to integrate the imagery into your applications.

Push your imagery into the Mapbox cloud directly from Pix4d.

All Pix4d users will have access to a free Mapbox account and Pix4D has reached out to all customers with the information you need to use Mapbox for free. If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to

Hit me up on Twitter with any questions about the new feature or our preferred setup for making beautiful imagery maps with drones.