Introducing Mapbox Studio

By Tom MacWright on November 18 2015

Today we're inviting everyone with a Mapbox account to create amazing cartography and advanced visualizations with Mapbox Studio. This is a turning point: a system for cartography that's powerful but easy to use and produces maps optimized for mobile applications and the modern web.

Mapbox Studio is the axis of Mapbox's ecosystem: every style is optimized for use with our mobile & web SDKs and ready to be extended with our APIs for developers, like geocoding and directions. Create styles, see your statistics, upload custom data, and manage API access all through one integrated, user-friendly interface.

A powerful and familiar interface

Guided by input from our in-house cartographers, we designed Mapbox Studio to handle complex and nuanced styling tasks. At the same time, it's easy for anyone to pick up and use. Here's a walkthrough of some of the details:

Familiar layer-based styling
Managing sophisticated styles can get tricky, with many different types of roads, labels, and features. You can conquer this complexity by organizing your map with layer groups and editing multiple layers at once with multi-layer select.
Total visual control
Upload your own SVGs to use as patterns and icons. The maps you create are resolution independent by design – every element can scale to match high-density retina displays, ensuring crisp maps everywhere.
Built in font library
Browse 369 professional FontFont and Monotype fonts out of the box, or upload your own fonts.
Design at the speed of thought
Search for layers, places, and style properties and instantly find what you're looking for.
Smart data filtering
Instant data filtering, even for massive data sources. Our smart filter UI scans your data and builds an interface for you based on which fields are available.
Bring your own data
Upload custom data directly to the editor and use it as soon as it's ready. It works with the data you already have – everything from Shapefiles to KML to large GeoTIFF files is magically optimized and processed into efficient layers.

Design control

With Mapbox Studio, you can build a complete map with global data and deeply custom design choices from the ground up, or start with a friendly preset. It's easy to pick up and grows with you as you master the skills of cartography.

Designed with Mapbox Studio.
To explore interactive versions, check out the map gallery.
Styles are ready for interactive data visualization.
Add character with patterns and textures.
Layer satellite imagery into your basemap.
Start with one of nine default templates
All the default datasets include global coverage.
Create high performance data visualizations.
Brand styles to your site or app.
Use blur to build heatmap-like visualizations.
Studio comes with terrain and contour line data built in.

A totally new architecture for map styling, built on the Mapbox platform

We started anew to create a system for map design that empowers artists and developers to make incredible work. Mapbox Studio embraces vector rendering to produce maps that update and interact with the speed and smoothness of video games. Our robust data infrastructure powers custom data support, making format conversion and processing fast and reliable. New icon and font rendering systems improve performance and compatibility with high-dpi displays.

This is the power tool for modern cartography, and we're making it available to everyone, now.