iD v2 is now available on OpenStreetMap for editing! The web-based iD editor is designed to help create an even better, more current OpenStreetMap by lowering the threshold of entry to mapping with a straightforward, in-browser editing experience.

This release has been 5 months in the making, and represents a major milestone in the development of iD. There have been 22 contributors who added more than 50 new features to iD v2.

Some of our favorite features include:

1. Better support for right-to-left languages

Over 400 million people in the world speak Arabic. Supporting a right-to-left user interface improves usability of iD for mappers in Arabic-speaking countries.

Thanks to Nick Doiron, who added this feature.

2. Authenticated calls to OpenStreetMap servers

This allows iD to be used by hundreds of volunteers at a time, without triggering rate limit warnings from the OpenStreetMap servers. Just in time for OpenStreetMap Geography Awareness Week mapping parties!

Thanks to Matt Amos, who was instrumental in helping us add this.

3. Mapillary-JS v2

In OpenStreetMap, “ground truth” observations are the most valuable source of information. iD’s built-in Mapillary viewer got an update, making it easier than ever for mappers to access over 100 Million photos, and take a virtual walk around the map.

4. New modular code base and JavaScript tools

It doesn’t change how iD looks, but under the hood iD v2 represents a big change in how the source code is organized and bundled. iD now uses ES6 modules, rollup.js, and d3 v4, to keep iD up to date and running smoothly.

Thanks to Tom MacWright, who led this modernization effort and blogged about some of its benefits.

Head over to OpenStreetMap and start editing today! You can make meaningful contributions with just a few minutes of training.

You can also help OpenStreetMap by donating to the OpenStreetMap Foundation’s 2016 funding drive. Donate today and your gift will go even further because Mapbox is matching €10,000 of donations.

Check out iD on Github to contribute code, make suggestions, or report an issue.

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