TileMill Connect, a new feature from Arc2Earth Sync that lets you open ArcGIS projects in TileMill to utilize its beautiful cartography and advanced web publishing features, is available to use today. Last week I posted a preview that included a video demo of the export process.

Today I want to share several example of actual ArcGIS maps that have been exported, rendered with TileMill’s advanced Mapnik renderer, and uploaded to MapBox for web and mobile publishing.

ESRI Local Government Template in ArcGIS: ESRI Local Government Template

Interactive ESRI Local Government Template online with MapBox:

ESRI Campus Demo in ArcGIS: ESRI Campus Demo

Interactive ESRI Campus Demo online with MapBox:

Video Preview

Congrats to Brian Flood and Arc2Earth for the awesome work on this project. It’s great to see more compatibility through GIS and cartography tools.

More information on Arc2Earth Sync and TileMill Connect is available here. You can get started designing web maps in TileMill by downloading the application for free, and then creating a MapBox account to publish it online.