Today Mapbox joins the other 80% of mobile devices. Mapbox Android SDK is ready for your app.

Our new SDK is an open source, flexible, and fast platform for maps on Android. We’re making it easy for Android developers to add custom maps and data to their apps. It’s more than just a library for Mapbox: you can use other tile providers, datasources, and build your own plugins on its solid base.

The source is open at GitHub, and if you want to kick the tires, we’ve updated the example app in the Play Store.

This is a massive undertaking. It started as a fork of osmdroid, another open source project for maps on Android. Since then, we’ve removed tens of thousands of lines of unused code, switched to make use of stable modular parts like OkHttp, and expanded tests and documentation. Amongst the many user-facing changes:

  • Flexible interfaces for tooltips, layers, and overlays
  • TileJSON support for tile layers
  • Markers API for custom markers
  • HTTPS security for tiles and data
  • Compositing for multiple tile layers
  • Dragging & panning gestures tuned for performance & user experience

You can include the SDK in your existing project via the Sonatype Central Repository, or include it as source — see the project’s README for the full details.

This wouldn’t be possible without many contributors - Brad Leege, Francisco Dans, Martin Guillon and many others put in hard work testing & building this project.