With more than 50,000 trails, guides you to the perfect spot to hike, bike, ski, snowboard, and camp in the backcountry. One million people use the AllTrails app every month to plan their outings and cache maps on their phones so they're available offline.

The AllTrails team was able to design a custom map that both enhances terrain and elevation details while incorporating their extensive global and national datasets into one custom vector tile data source for styling.

Alltrails custom data layers in Mapbox Studio Classic source mode.

Seamless data and design

AllTrail's custom data includes national peaks, elevations, trail intersections, distances and global park boundaries. From regional overviews to ground-level trail details, data and design were fused into one outdoors map using Mapbox Studio Classic, our map design studio. The final product is a highly functional map for mobile and offline usage.

Check out the app or visit AllTrails online

Perfect for planning your next big excursion, you can download the AllTrails app free from the iTunes store or at AllTrails Pro members can start printing and planning with the new map design.