For the next three days I’ll be attending the OSGEO North American Code Sprint in Seattle, organized by my local OSGEO chapter. The OSGEO Foundation, which supports the development of open source geospatial software and related conferences like FOSS4G that we and peers have talked about before, supports this annual code sprint to bring developers around the same table. Its goal is to bring together the lead developers of foundational OSGEO supported tools like GDAL, QGIS, and PostGIS, while welcoming developers from related projects like Mapnik.

My main goal for the week is to learn about, and act on, ways MapBox tools can integrate better with other open source tools. For example, I’m planning to improve the examples and reference implementations for how TileMill’s UTF8Grid technology works so that it’s easier for any software to leverage the technology behind this fast, tile-based interactivity. I’m also keen on brainstorming with other developers ways that TileMill could better support and integrate with QGIS. Lastly, while Mapnik already has robust support for PostGIS, this week I plan to work on the design of a new rendering performance statistics pipeline for Mapnik that will provide powerful insight into how to optimize PostGIS performance.

Follow me at @springmeyer on Twitter for updates on progress or to suggest further ideas for integration.