We just submitted a handful of session proposals for the State of the Map conference in Portland OR October 13-14. This is the US arm of the biannual OpenStreetMap conference, and we’re excited to be participating in both this and the international counterpart happening in Tokyo next week.

In Portland we’re looking forward to talking with the community about the future of OpenStreetMap editing tools and API tools, sharing our experience designing maps with OpenStreetMap data, and discussing ways to continue to grow the OpenStreetMap community, among other topics.

Below is a rundown of the sessions we proposed. If you have ideas around these topics, please get in touch with us. The deadline for session proposal is tomorrow August 31, so if you’d like to speak at the conference we recommend submitting your proposal now.

Recapping sessions proposals

  • OpenStreetMap Tech Now and Future: In this session, Tom will review what the OpenStreetMap site and API have been up to in the past year and discuss where they are - and should be - headed.

  • Processing OpenStreetMap Data for Effective Cartography: AJ will talk about his process of preparing OpenStreetMap data in MapBox Streets and share some tricks he uses to achieve particular cartographic effects like tint bands via negative buffers and differentiating maritime administrative boundaries from land boundaries.

  • An Open Source Geocoder: Young will talk about an open source geocoder that we’re working on that’s based on the open MBTiles and UTFGrid specs and is designed to allow swappable datasources for country, province, and municipal boundaries.

  • What’s New in Mapnik 2.1: Dane will give a run down of the new features in the latest Mapnik and talk about how they can be used for creatively visualizing open data.

  • I’m new to OpenStreetMap, show me around!: Alex will do a walk through on everything you need to know start using OpenStreetMap and become an active contributor, from simple editing to surveying to tracing to engaging with other community members.

  • Open Source Mapping on a Closed Platform: Justin plans to talk about “what’s in the box” with the MapBox iOS SDK, giving developers an overview of how you can completely customize maps in your app using OpenStreetMap combined with any other map data source, gaining much more flexibility than Apple’s stock MapKit solution.

For more information and updates on State of the Map PDX, check out the website and follow @sotmus on Twitter.