This feature has been updated

Visit the documentation page at Enabling the terrain visualization.

We just rolled out an update to the MapBox Streets Terrain Layer that adds landcover coloring with global coverage. This new landcover information, which comes from a raster source, replaces much of the large area OpenStreetMap vector landcover information for maps with the terrain option turned on. You can also customize all the colors.

The landcover information we’re using is GLOBCOVER, produced by the European Space Agency. It has been colored to combine well with the hillshading and fit with the overall MapBox Streets design.

Honolulu, Hawaii Salt Lake City, Utah Cape Town, South Africa Auckland, New Zealand Mexico City, Mexico Boston, Massachusetts Mt. Saint Helens, Washington Nepal Kabul, Afghanistan Anchorage, Alaska Cupertino & Mountain View, California Mt. Rainier, Washington New Orleans, Louisiana Rio de Janeiro

Custom styles for terrain

Like all MapBox Street maps, you can change the styles on all the layers. Style UI Melbourne, Australia Tijuana, Mexico Japan Phoenix, Arizona

Get started

The new terrain layer is available immediately from all MapBox accounts. If you’re new to MapBox, sign up for a free account and check out our documentation to help you get started using the MapBox Streets world map. As always, if you have questions or feedback hit us up on