MapBox’s new Developers section unifies the documentation for all of our APIs - javascript, mobile, and web services. Though our code is made up of many open source components, it’s now easy to understand it in its totality, in one place.

Last month’s launch of our JavaScript API introduced an examples gallery that has grown to include 23 complete, interactive examples of how to inventively use MapBox in your own creations. Now we’re making them more understandable and repeatable with a comprehensive API page that you can quickly scan, search, and reference with permalinks at each function definition. It’s automatically linked from relevant bits in the samples so that you can immediately understand what, exactly, a call to markers.filter or map.smooth is doing.

We’re maintaining this documentation in files in each constituent open source project so that documentation stays representation-neutral, open for contributions on GitHub, and versioned along with the software. For example your code that uses the 0.6.4 version of mapbox.js will continue to have documentation even when 0.6.5 is released, and so on.

The MapBox iOS SDK is also beginning to get complete API reference documentation. Additionally, we’re going to soon provide Xcode-native documentation, available in an updates-aware Atom feed and using the popular appledoc open source project, so that iOS developers get comprehensive, context-aware, offline-available documentation right in their IDE. Stay tuned for more updates on the iOS resources in the near future.

This new documentation is a great place to start learning the MapBox system - there’s even a new high level introduction to the fundamentals of web mapping. Try it out, and, as always, we’re available on for any assistance.