We just closed a $10 million Series A round with Foundry Group. Now we grow.

This round is squarely focused on bringing more amazing people to our team in both San Francisco and Washington, DC. We are going to win with team.

And now we have real runway. For three years, we've been completely bootstrapped, which meant we had only a few months in the bank at any time. That changed: combined with a rapidly growing userbase, funding lets us plan for years of building the future of geo software, from the ground up.

Foundry Group is the perfect partner: they get big data, understand our platform play, and see how open source and open data are our comparative advantage. Most importantly, they believe in our long-term business plans to break open this space and stay independent. We're just getting started, and are excited to have the right partners next to us.

To our early adopters, strategic partners, open source contributors, and those who have taken MapBox to places we never expected, get ready for an awesome ride.