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Designing the driving experience

Define the journey for drivers and passengers. Control map design and application performance on mobile, in dashboards, and in autonomous driving experiences.

We are engaging 30 major OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers across the US, Germany, Italy, UK, Japan, and China to deliver a better driving experience everywhere.

Design is everything — own it

Mapbox provides developers tools to build exceptional maps anywhere - all from one platform. Designers can control every aspect of the navigation UI and UX whether that’s in an OEM’s embedded in-car navigation system, paired to a mobile app, or powered by a connected voice assistant.


Customize your maps to suit your brand and your users. Using Mapbox, you decide how to integrate data into mapping services, and build an experience your users will love.


Build lane-level turn-by-turn navigation with natural voice instructions and precise travel times based on live traffic.


Access camera-based AI object detection for augmented reality navigation and automated driving applications.


Find restaurants, charge points, gas stations and addresses quickly with autocomplete search, with voice integration.

Use live data from millions of sensors around the world

Every day, Mapbox users cover 250 million miles of road. Every month, 600 million people touch Mapbox-powered maps. This level of scale allows Mapbox to generate billions of anonymous sensor readings to stream real-time updates to connected devices, ensuring your maps are always up to date.

Live traffic and accurate routes powered by AI

Mapbox processes 100,00 live location updates per second. Using AI and machine learning, Mapbox turns that data into action to monitor and predict traffic conditions across 2.3 billion road segments.

Now you can deliver precise, predictive drive times and real-time traffic to find the best routes for your users.

Beyond pins on the map, you can stream third party content such as charge stations, dealerships, and even parking spots.

Designing the world at 60 frames per second

Mapbox Studio gives designers control over everything from colors and fonts, to 3D features and camera angles, to the pitch of the map as a car enters a turn. When you create a map in Studio, you can deliver updates over the air automatically, at any time.  

Mapbox Map SDKs render the map hardware at 60 fps across embedded devices, mobile and the web platforms.

Understand the driver’s environment

The Vision SDK uses AI-powered semantic segmentation, object detection, and classification to identify the variables that define a driver’s journey. Use live data and distributed sensors to detect construction, recognize street signs and speed limits, and identify potential hazards to ensure a safer, more informed drive.

Develop safer, more efficient driving systems

Mapbox’s ADAS, Electronic Horizon, AR Navigation and Vision SDK products let developers deliver precise navigation guidance, display safety warnings at the right time, and run custom workflows for collisions and other road conditions easily.

Combine Mapbox’s fast-streaming vector maps and computer vision technology to create solutions that convert signals into action, to enable safer, more efficient, and even autonomous driving.

Build using cloud-based mapping platform

Using Mapbox, developers can build once and deploy maps across iOS, Android, and embedded platforms. Mapbox’s cloud-based architecture lets developers build smarter. Pushing updates takes hours, not weeks with rock solid documentation and cloud-based deployment tools.

Mapbox Solutions for Automotive

In-car Navigation

Mobile Companion Apps

Augmented Reality

ADAS + HD Maps

Vehicle Data Analytics

Porsche x Mapbox Collaboration

We worked with the Porsche Design Team to envision what the future in-car driving and navigation experience can look like.
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Rebelle Rally

Mapbox sponsored the Rebelle Rally in 2018 and had four women participate in the race. Rebelle Rally helps automakers test out the limits of their newest models, while also facilitating female drivers to helm the wheel and navigate uncharted territory.
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