GeoJSON plugin

GeoJSON is a JSON standard format for describing a wide variety of geographic data structures such as points, lines, or areas. Click here to read more GeoJSON information.

The Mapbox Android GeoJSON plugin makes it simple for you to load GeoJSON data into your project from a URL, an asset file, or path. The plugin also automatically draws the GeoJSON data on your map once the information is retrieved.

To install the plugin, head over to the Mapbox Plugin Overview page which will walk you through adding the dependency.

Using the GeoJSON plugin

The GeoJSON plugin does not have any direct initialization, but rather, is set up via the GeoJsonPluginBuilder class.

geoJsonPlugin = new GeoJsonPluginBuilder()

Marker click event

A OnMarkerEventListener interface is included in the plugin. Implementing the interface and overriding the onMarkerClickListener() method in your activity/fragment enables you to easily do what you would like with the selected marker and the GeoJSON feature (a JSONObject) associated with the marker.

public void onMarkerClickListener(Marker marker, JSONObject properties) {
// Run whatever code that you'd like

Once the geoJsonPlugin object has been built, you have three methods to choose from for retrieving the GeoJSON file

setUrlRetrieves the GeoJSON file hosted at a particular URL
setAssetsNameRetrieves the GeoJSON file which is located in your app'sassetsfolder
setFilePathAllows the user to navigate the device's file structure in a Android dialog to find the GeoJSON file

Load listeners

The other plugin interface that you should know about, OnLoadingGeoJsonListener, has three methods for you to have fine-grain control over UI and data interaction.

onPreLoadingCallback will be triggered just before the GeoJSON file begins loading
onLoadedCallback will be triggered when the GeoJSON file has been successfully loaded
onLoadFailedCallback will be triggered when loading the GeoJSON file has failed