Static Image

The Mapbox Static API returns static maps and raster tiles from styles in the Mapbox Style Specification. Static maps are standalone images that can be displayed in an ImageView without the aid of a mapping library or API. They look like an embedded map without interactivity or controls. Specific to the Java API, it builds the request URL for you.

Building the URL

To begin with you'll need to create a new instance of the MapboxStaticImage object and use it's builder to customize your image request. The options offered in the builder include anything from setting the latitude and longitude to adding markers and other annotations. the image width and height are important parameters for displaying the correct aspect ratio inside your applications image view, and often, you will want to check if your users device supports retina or not by using getResources().getDisplayMetrics().density.

MapboxStaticImage staticImage = new MapboxStaticImage.Builder()
.setLat(45.4338) // Image center Latitude
.setLon(12.3378) // Image center longitude
.setWidth(320) // Image width
.setHeight(320) // Image height
.setRetina(true) // Retina 2x image will be returned

Downloading the image

After creating the MapboxStaticImage instance with all your customization parameters, you'll need to handle downloading the image directly into your application so it is displayed properly to the user. The Mapbox Services SDK doesn't offer any sort of image downloading/loading APIs but we highly recommend using a third party library such as Picasso or Glide rather then an asynchronous task. Using Picasso, you can downloading the static map image with only a few lines of code.

String imageUrl = staticImage.getUrl().toString();