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We collected images that show off what you can build with Mapbox and life around the Mapbox offices. These images are free to use when talking or writing about Mapbox. You can find more images on our Flickr.

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  • Use these images only when you write about Mapbox
  • Attribute Mapbox for the image
  • Don’t use the images to advertise or promote products other than Mapbox

You can download the zip folder with all the assets or download the images individually.

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Map design

Foursquare helps millions of people get the most out of where they are with location-based recommendations, special deals, and check-ins displayed on an eye-catching map.

Pinterest's Place Pins combine the beautiful imagery of a travel magazine with the utility of an interactive map that you can share with friends.

The team at Evernote use Mapbox Streets to create a complementary street level map for the detailed views in their desktop app.

GitHub goes Mapbox with a custom map that automatically displays your geodata.

A Financial Times Syria feature with a custom map designed by Mapbox.

You can search for rental properties using Mapbox Streets with worldwide, detailed street data with ApartmentList.

Emerald features subtle, yet detailed hill shades. Get a glimpse at terrain before a jog or take Emerald through the city.

Mapbox Streets: a multi-purpose global basemap designed from the ground up for both mobile and web in Mapbox GL.

Le Monde, one of the largest French newspapers, relaunched their online paid edition with interactive maps based on Mapbox Streets and powered by OpenStreetMap.

Now the most accurate and detailed ski lift, ski trail, and hiking data from OpenStreetMap also has the most accurate terrain.

Mapbox Outdoors, designed specifically for outdoor apps, showcases data from both Mapbox Streets and Mapbox Terrain.

Mapbox Outdoors, designed specifically for outdoor apps, showcases data from both Mapbox Streets and Mapbox Terrain.


Mapbox Mobile comes ready to use with six beautiful styles. Alternatively create custom styles with Mapbox Studio.

Lonely Planet's Guides app is a travel app using our Maps SDK for iOS with offline maps.

The Weather Channel uses Maps SDK for iOS to visualize the most accurate and precise weather forecasts around the world.

Human is a stylish all-day activity tracker powered by our Maps SDKs for iOS and Android using our dark map style.

National Geographic used Mapbox to create a gorgeous custom style to the maps in City Guides, their iOS travel app.

MetroMile's analytics dashboard is built on top of Mapbox APIs and uses our Maps SDKs for iOS and Android to visualize trips, acceleration, and gas mileage.

Featuring a bold, graphic style and our Smart Directions routing, the Roadtrippers map lets you plan a route for your road trip and inspires you to discover places along the way.

Well-balanced labels and detailed terrain show the complexity of Brazil's second largest city — without the clutter.

This Peruvian city is nestled in the mountains at an elevation of 2,761 m. Mapbox terrain brings dimension and up-to-date data to this beautiful city.

The third largest glacier in Iceland, Hofsjökull, can be found west of the Highlands and on a Mapbox map.


Mapbox Drive is the first lane guidance map designed for car companies to control the in-car experience.


Brukkaros Mountain, in Namibia, as seen by the USGS’s Landsat 8 satellite.

Confluence of the Fisher and Mellor glaciers in Antarctica. The region was only mapped in detail in the '50s, and remains one of the most remote places which scientists still regularly visit.

Fall colors descend on the Great Smoky Mountains from the peaks to the valleys. The winding road leads to Clingmans Dome, the highest point in Tennessee.

Data & OpenStreetMap

The election maps allow you to browse the raw vote count on a national view and quickly drill down to a provincial, district, and even polling station view - showing the number of votes.

Geotagged tweets in Singapore.

Mozilla announced Location Services late last year as a pilot project to provide geolocation lookups based on cell tower and WiFi access point information.

A map of individual contributor activity in OpenStreetMap

Our offices

Eric Gundersen and Dane Springmeyer using the bar in the Mapbox garage as a standup desk.

The Mapbox garage in Washington, DC.

Saman working from the Mapbox garage in Washington, DC.

Full house at the Mapbox garage in Washington, DC.

Karen and Jeff at the Mapbox garage in Washington, DC.

Linus at the Mapbox garage in Washington, DC.

The Mapbox office in San Francisco.

The Mapbox office in San Francisco.

Benji at the Mapbox office in San Francisco.

The team at work in the Bangalore office in Bangalore, India.

The team at work in the Bangalore office in Bangalore, India.


Eric Gundersen, Mapbox CEO.

Eric Gundersen, Mapbox CEO.

Bobby Sudekum, Mapbox drone pilot.


Iconic Mapbox graphic of a satellite orbiting Earth.

We love our dogs at Mapbox.

Mapbox Education

Servers at Mapbox.

The diverse Mapbox team.